Christmas is all about presents and presence! The greatest gift ever given was not found under a tree but in a manger. The very name Jesus means savior , deliverer. God sent his only son to save us from our sins and mess ups! Why? Because from the very beginning, he desired to have a presence in our lives! He loves us so much that he wants us to be a part of his story for all eternity. The biggest question we should each ask ourselves this Christmas : “Is there room in My heart for Jesus?” Do we live for him and walk with him daily?
One of my favorite services at Damascus is our Christmas eve service! This year it will be from 5-6 pm. We will celebrate the birth of Jesus with scripture and song, and end by sharing the Lord’s supper together. Whether you are a family of one or many, this a great way to build memories together as we celebrate Jesus and I pray over your family!