Welcome to our new website! Just one of the many things God has led us to do different during this pandemic. A reminder that even though we don’t always see it or feel it, He never stops working in our lives. Trials and obstacles will often challenge God’s people but through the power of our resurrected Savior, we can overcome them all. “Our weapons are not of the flesh but of Divine Power that overcome ALL strongholds.” 2 Corinthians 10:4.

I have God seen work in so many ways for all of us as He has led us through this crisis with His mighty hand! What many thought would be a crushing blow to His church, has actually become a wake up call. His Kingdom is more important than ever. Leading people to Jesus is more critical than ever. He has blown up our comfort zones and shown us new ways to reach people with the Gospel. He has led us to become more effective in encouraging those who are hurting. I have seen the people of this church find new ways to stay in touch with their small groups and even start new ones. I have seen our people continue to faithfully give. I have seen families come together like never before. I have seen individuals spend more time in prayer and personal study. Because of all that and so much more, instead of defeat, I see victory and a bright future for Damascus Baptist Church.